Saturday, April 16, 2011

referral anniversary - three years ago today

3 years ago, we saw this perfect little face (with the sticky up hair!) for the first time.

We couldn't love her more.

You'll notice from the smaller photos below that she's laughing, that's because she thinks her sticky up hair is pretty hilarious! But then again, she thinks just about everything is pretty hilarious at the moment. She continiously makes me laugh and grin. Here's an example of her witty little personality: This morning when I asked her what dress she wanted to wear, she pulled one out of the wardrobe (actually, it's the one she's wearing in these pictures!) and said "Well, this one would be nice, but not really my colour!" - and then she fell into fits of laughing.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful child. The love I have for her constantly reminds me of the love You've shown, and continue to show toward me, Your child.


  1. I love her dress, she looks great in the orange. You can tell she is a very joyful child and has thrived being part of your family.

  2. Happy Referral Anniversary! Such joy Lilah has brought to your family; you are blessed.

    That story about choosing her dress for the day is hilarious! Your photos wonderfully capture your poignant memory of her referral but also her joy in being part of your family. I love these!

  3. Awww, you got your referral as a birthday present? How awesome!

    Love Lilah's dress AND her sticky up hair. My goodness she was (and still is) such a little cutie.

  4. Well, tell Lilah that that dress IS her color!! SO gorgeous - then & now. She was such a tiny peanut! Our referral didnt come until the end of July, even though we traveled at the same time....I LOVE that Lilah's referral came for your birthday!!

  5. Happy Referral Anniversary, Lilah was and is so cute

  6. happy referral anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I remember it!!!! Three years ago....WOW!

  8. Happy referral anniversary dear friend!!! She is such a precious and beautiful little blessing. And that sticky-up hair is the BEST..she rocked it. There's not much sweeter anniversary thann the day you become a Mama and you go from being a "couple" to being a "family" Enjoy your day. Hugs.

    Gin =)

  9. Hi, My name is Amy, I am in total shock as I just found your blog. My husband and I are in the process of adopting and we have chosen the name Lilah Grace as well. How neat is that. I live in Alabama and the name Lilah is some what unusual. So good to see another Lilah Grace from China.
    My blog is Take care.

  10. Happy Referral Anniversary!!!!! Love her sweet smile... what a blessing!!!

  11. wow, she was and still is such a cutie!


  12. Anonymous03 May, 2011

    Hope you don't mind, but some of these handmade dolls remind me of sweet Lilah. I hope you enjoy looking at them, link here

    Best wishes.

  13. What a blessed and wonderful birthday!
    Lilah Grace seems so happy and fulfilled three years and some months later!

    The love and good care are wonderful things!
    The photos are as always very touching and beautiful.