Monday, April 4, 2011

"l-i-l-a-h spells lilah!"

Lilah's name...

If our Lilah girl isn't running around spelling her name out loud, she's writing it down on paper.

She has practically went through a colour block pad, writing her name on every single page! She has recognized her written name for a long time now. Then she used to copy it, after I wrote it for her. But she has it mastered and memorized now and knows each of the letters that make up her name.

She also recognizes a bunch of other letters. I had started showing her lowercase letters and a friend (teacher) told me she would be taught uppercase letters first. So I made a change, and of course, confused Lilah in the process!

The first letter she ever learned to recognize and write was C for Colin! (That's her Baba's name!) Then she started recognizing L, but she would always say L for ME, rather than L for Lilah - which makes me grin! Then she started recognizing M for Mama. And well, it has progressed now and she knows a lot of her letters.

As much as I don't like to admit it, I think she's ready for Junior Kindergarten!


  1. I would say she is definitely ready to jr. kindergarten... she is one smart little girl!

  2. What a bright little spark...she looks very pleased with herself! Dx

  3. Way to go Lilah...good job on printing your name on all those colorful papers. You are growing up so fast.

  4. Great job writing your name, Lilah!! Yes Jill, I'd say she's ready...even if Mama isn't quite as ready. Kerry can spell her name out loud and has been able to recognize most upper case letters for a while now, but she's not quite got the fine motor skills to print them out yet. Lilah looks rightly proud of herself and is so cute in these pics. She really seems to enjoy learning and is obviously very bright, so she'll be an excellent student. If only they didn't have to grow quite so fast.

    Gin =)

  5. She looks so proud of herself in the pictures! Way to go L-i-l-a-h!

  6. Wow! Great job...every letter is even the same height! She must have picked up her mother's artistic flair!

  7. So cute and great handwriting!!

    Em does the same thing now. She also draws a stick figure that sometimes is mom or dad or Liam. It's the same picture over and over and over. :)

  8. Congratulation little Lilah !!