Thursday, April 7, 2011

some easter crafty fun!

My baby girl was sick yesterday morning. Her first 'sicky' since we brought her home from China.
* Yes, that's 2 years and 4 months! *

Just before breakfast she complained of a sore belly and then she got a sharp pain that made her squeal and she wretched up some saliva and froth, after which she pretty much lost her colour and her lips went white, which kinda freaked me out. She lay in bed with me for about an hour and then we got up and had breakfast together. She seemed fine for the rest of the day, other than looking tired, pale, heavy eyed and a bit lethargic. Poor baby.

So after all that, I thought it would be best if we took it easy for the rest of the day and just have fun with an easter craft - even though it would seem a wee bit early for easter!

A few days ago, I noticed that a few eggs in the fridge had just about passed their expiration date, so I boiled them up and let Lilah go to town with the food dye!

She literally drenching the eggs with the dye and then she would give them, what she called, 'little baths'. She asked me for a pot of warm water and a pot of cold water, so it would be the same as the hot tub and the swimming pool! Although, she doesn't say it like that, she calls the hot tub and the swimming pool, the hot tub and the cold tub. I love her little translations! Since she was having so much fun bathing them, I also gave her some soap and a straw, so she could give them bubble baths! She must have played for over two hours - splashing them around and whispering away to herself and the eggs.

I think it's more than obvious from these pictures that she was in her glory... (and you might not notice it, but I can totally tell from these pictures that she wasn't at herself.)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I love the way you framed these photos in "easter egg" colored frames.

    I hope Lilah is all better!

  2. Oh to be that age again! So glad your baby is feeling better :-) D

  3. Wow, Lilah must have a super-strong constitution for this to be her first sick day in Canada!

    Your photos are fabulous! I love Lilah's intensity as she decorates the eggs. She's a little hard worker! Your idea to let her blow bubbles is such a good one! I've never thought of that! And that apron - oh my. Can it get any cuter?!

  4. Oh, I hope Lilah is feeling better soon. It looks like she enjoyed her "take it easy" day. Good idea bringing out the egg dying kit to cheer her up and keep her occupied, Mama. I love that she hasn't grown out of the "Lilah brows" when she's cute. And she looks adorable in her apron and pigtails.

    Gin =)

  5. Oh, I meant to say also that I love the new blog header!

  6. It looks like she ad a blast! How long did it take before all the dye came off her hands?

  7. @ Monica - Yes! Can you believe she hasn't been sick in that time?! We've gotten of so light!

    @ Gin - Thanks! I decided it was time for a change! Those headers are really easy to do in Picnik... if you want me to do one or you need help, just let me know!

    @ Joyanne - Haha! Funny you ask... we went to the swimming pool today and the chlorine totally cleaned it off! :)

  8. I hope Lilah is completely well by now, her eyes look a little puffy though in these pictures.
    I love your new blog design, I love the soft colours, and the simple layout, very very nice indeed ~

  9. I hope she is feeling better!!!! It is no fun when the little ones are sick.
    She looks like she is having lots of fun with the egg coloring. :-)

  10. I love this post! There is nothing better than watching a child explore and just be a kid. I feel so blessed to be able to spend so much time with Lexi, not missing a thing. I know it is the same for you and Lilah. We are blessed indeed! I love the new look too! My header is already a year old, time to make a change as well. I will have to look in to picnik for sure!

  11. Hope Lilah is feeling much better. It's so scary when they get sick. Lilah looks so cute colouring those eggs!