Saturday, February 6, 2010

goodbye bottles and pull-ups

This week we said goodbye to bedtime bottles and Dora pull-ups.
It's the end of an era and it makes me a little bit sad. Yes, she's a 'big girl' now, *sniff*.

I'm sure you'll think I'm mad in the head, but I'm keeping the bottles in Lilah's 'memory box'. I rarely do that kinda thing, because I'm not a pack rat, but I remember buying those bottles like it was yesterday... Running around that crazy supermarket in Guangdong, China. Lilah was only in our arms (at the most) about 3 hours and on our drive back to the hotel (from the civial affairs office) we made a quick stop to buy formula. I just happened to see these bottles and picked them up in my frenzy to not-forget-a-single-thing-as-a-first-time-Mama. To be perfectly honest, I'd brought bottles with me, a couple of fancy 'go-green-eco-friendly-sans-bisphenol-a bottles'. But she was having nothing to do with of those bottles.

So I'm glad I bought those bottles in that Chinese supermarket. And I'll cherish every memory I have of that day we first met our beautiful Lilah girl.

bye-bye bottles & pull-ups

bye-bye bottles & pull-ups

bye-bye bottles & pull-ups

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  1. That is certainly a big step! We have the exact same bottles from China, given to us from her foster care home. Are you done with pull-ups at night too? Our Lilah does great during the day, but not at night yet. Once again, gorgeous pictures!

  2. Lilah,
    Congratulations Big Girl!!!!!!!! You and Ruby could have a celebration party!!! She stopped wearing her pull-ups at night this week!!!! You are both getting so independent!!!

    Keep on celebrating!!!

    P.S: I love your beautiful picture in your sheriff's hat!

    Miss Diana

  3. Hi Paige!

    Yes, we're done with pull-ups at night too!

    We actually never ever talked to Lilah about not doing pee-pees in her pull-ups at night, she took that part on herself.

    The thing for us was getting rid of the big bottles of milk she would have at night. She would pee-pee her pull-ups about once a week at night and it was because of that. I'm actually surprised didn't pee-pee every night. That was a lot of milk to hold in her little bladder all night!

    She amazes us all the time!

    Jill xx

  4. Way to go Lilah!! We just bought Kerry her first pack of pull-ups yesterday she has a way to go still.

  5. Yey Lilah!

    All these changes in such a short time, from a baby to a little girl.

    We are off this week to buy our first pack of pull-ups too. Hopefully Sylvie (and her Mama) will have as easy of a time as Lilah.

  6. Congrats!! Such a big step... and I know it is SO hard on the mom to say goodbye to the bottle. An end of an era.

    I'm super impressed with the pull-ups. We are still struggling with Em on that end. I guess she'll do it when she is ready!! :)

    Where did you get that adorable necklace!?! LOVE!! She is such a cutie.

  7. Hi Casey,

    I totally agree with the part you said about her doing it when she's ready. That's one thing I said when we started this. I don't care how long it takes and I'm not pushing her. I just didn't want to have to stress about it. I have a funny feeling though that Lilah may have already been potty trained when we got her, but we didn't carry it on. So when we started it again, it was just natural for her.

    Her necklace is made of wooden beads and it's from Marks & Spencer. I think I got the last of last season stock because the only one they are showing on their website is multi coloured...


  8. Way to go Lilah!! You are not mad in the head..>I have kept one of those bottles from China for the memory box too.


  9. Thanks, Jill!! I might be able to make something similar. I found some beads at a craft store. It is so cute!!

    Yeah... Em is fully potty trained except at night. And I'm not sure she can really control it or not? Every time we try to sleep without the pull up, she has an accident. I probably should mention it to her doctor next trip as she is four and a half. But I do know some kids have harder times with night time.

    Thanks for sharing!! :)


  10. Way to go Lilah. Such a big girl. We are working on the bottle with Brennyn but not rushing it yet.
    Love all your pictures, such a beautiful model.

  11. Wow, another milestone. Yay for Lilah and a big hug to her Mama.

    We have the exact same bottles - with the orange bear and a yellow lion - and my girls loved them. No fancy bottles for our girls, the cheaper the better! I never understood parents bringing fancy bottles to children who lived in institutions -- I guess I just assumed that the SWIs would buy and use cheap bottles and that's what the kids would be used to!

    Beautiful, big girl Lilah!!!

  12. Oh how I hated that last bottle. I think I was more sad than she was! And, I kept one of mine, too (and it was a boring one purchased in the US- but her favorite).

    Love your blog and your photos.

    Such a beautiful girl.


  13. I had to save a couple of baby bottles, such a sweet reminder of a beautiful season. It is so hard to explain, because you think it can't get any better, but it does's just incredible to watch your child grow and develop.