Wednesday, February 10, 2010

oh the things she says!

slurpin' soup

When she saw the picture above, she said "Where's my nother eye?". (Not to mention the fact that she's drooling her soup back into the soup bowl. Sigh! Have I mentioned she's fascinated with drooling lately? She sits next to Baby Zachy in Church and watches his every move!)

A few nights ago she told Baba "Settle down"! It was during supper and he was acting silly!

With wide eyes and in a loud dramatic voice she'll say "Wolf outside" (yes, I read her the '3 little pigs' story), and then, without missing a beat she'll loudly whisper, "Not big deal"!

She regualarly comes up to me and says, "That's my Mama"! But yesterday, all out of the blue she said, "That's my Dill (Jill)"!

Just before we go outside, she hugs her shoulders up to her ears, grasps her hands together and says "Doin (going) be so told (cold)", and always backs up that statement in a dramatic voice saying "It's bery (very) windy"!

Today she shouted up the stairs to me (while I was vaccuming), "It's otay (okay). Take your time"!

A few nights ago, during supper, she said "That's doss (gross), that's dusting (disgusting)"! No she wasn't talking about the food! Honest!

Yesterday when we were having a little picnic on the floor. She accidentally spilled her milk a bit, looked up at me and said, "Sawee (sorry) Mama". I replied, "You don't have to be sorry, it was just a wee accident, but that's really nice to say sorry, it's very good manners". She smiled at me and said, "Hank (thank) you Mama, you're weltome (welcome)"!


  1. She is a funny one! These are great memories, remembering how she pronounces things like a two year old does!

  2. She is such a cute little girl, so very sweet (soup drooling and all)!

  3. Julia, Mike and Zachy10 February, 2010

    We like Zach's 'honourable mention' ;)

  4. I love when you post these cute little "Lilah-isms"! She's such a cutie.

  5. Adoreable!! Missing your sweet little voice and your lovely personality. Nono & Papie xxx

  6. I'm so glad her vocabulary is just exploding! Too cute!

  7. that is the coolest pic! you should enter it in a competition, love the composition