Saturday, February 20, 2010

sunday school treat 2010

She's been totally hyped about this event for over a week now...

The Sunday School Treat.

Today was the day she got to stand up on the Church platform, in front of everyone and say her memorized Bible verse. Her first of many, all being well.

She's been practicing all week. She'll grab just about anything; play food, a straw, a fork, a cup, a crayon, whatever comes to hand and pretend it's the microphone (sometimes she gets confused and calls it the microwave!) and says her verse...LOUD. Of course, she's made Colin and I say it many times throughout the past week too.

Her verse: Seek ye the Lord (Isaiah 55:6)

Just look at her smile. I'm absolutely glowing with pride. Our precious girl.
It's hard to believe that a year ago she barely had a word of English.

2 Timothy 3:15
And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able
to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

[ see the longer version of the movie here: part 1, part 2 and part 3 ]


  1. This just warmed my heart to the core! I love that she's learning these scriptures so young. And just look at that smile! I love how she gets distracted and starts playing with the football on the shirt of the boy next to her. I had to watch the long version, too.

    Gin =)

  2. I thought it was so cute too Gin!

    She seemed to touch him because she got shy after she said her verse, maybe because there was a soft crowd chuckle. And then she felt the pin on Aaron's sweater and got distracted!

    She sure was proud of herself!

  3. Too adorable! I love the smile on her face... she is so proud of herself! I watched the long version too and she did pretty good at not getting too distracted as some of the other kids wandered away. Love the outfit too!

  4. That is sooo sweet - thanks for sharing! Lilah is adorable as always! Is that older boy next to her a friend of hers - cute how they were interacting.

  5. Thank you for sharing, she looked so proud of herself!

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  7. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    Every time I see your beautiful girl I can't help but smile. What a treasure!

  8. Top marks
    You done so well
    Very PROUD of you Granddaughter.
    And you have every right to be proud too!
    Papie and I realy enjoyed hearing you say your bible verse.
    lots of LOVE papie & nono xxx

  9. Thanks for posting those clips Jill! Jonathan and I watched them all last night and it was so good to see all the Ottawa kiddies again! They're getting so big! Lilah did a great job for her first treat. =)