Friday, February 26, 2010

mannequins vs lilah

"Lilah's a mannequin, know that?"

mannequin pose

Lilah's mannequin infatuation started around Halloween last year and I have a feeling she thought they were all part of the scary Halloween scene. We'd be walking through a clothing store and she'd literally jump into my arms and hang on for her life when she saw one. And while she was clinging to me so-hard-it-hurt, she'd be busy repeating, "Mannequins not real. Mannequins not hurt you?", because that's what I told her over and over again. Not only did she see them in stores but she'd also point them out as we were driving down the street past the display windows in clothing stores.

Thankfully she's pretty much past the very scared stage.

Now she's at the stage that she'll ask if she can touch them and she does, very cautiously. But dear help us if one catches her off guard!

She role plays them around the house, standing with her hands on her hips, trying not to move. Believe me, it's a hard job for our 2 year old!

And over a month ago she mentioned them one night while saying her prayers. I'm not sure why she prayed for them, maybe for them to disappear. I doubt very much that she was thankful for them!

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