Friday, February 20, 2009

words and other stuff about lilah

The newest favourite word around our house these days is 'uh-oh', which seems to be used a lot, and rightly so! Here are some of the words that Lilah is currently saying: Lilah, tuck (truck), hot, nana (banana), bye-bye, shoes (said without the s), hi, mama, baba, no, dar (car), eye (always said in a whisper), up, bag (said without the g), uh-oh and ball. There are many more words being said, but unfortunately they are unrecognisable at this stage!

Lilah also uses sign language, here are the signs she knows and uses: please, thank you, more, I love you, bath, cookie, hungry, all done, yes and no.

Lilah really loves to blow kisses and wave goodbye, she will pucker right up and do a huge smack of her lips, it is the cutest thing ever. She especially loves babies (real babies), and loving on them, kissing their hands and gently rubbing them. She loves to play with stickers, they provide endless hours of entertainment. She loves to help, no matter what you're doing, she is always there at your side looking to put stuff in the garbage, put items in the wash machine, etc; she is such a great little helper. She absolutely loves to go out, as soon as we say 'are you ready', she throws her arms up in the air and says 'yeaaaaaaa'! She is infatuated with dogs and cats, she can't say the words yet, but she can bark and meow better than any dog or cat! We actually wonder if she dreams about dogs, because sometimes when we lift her from the crib (after her nap) she barks and points out the window with these huge eyes. Yes, our neighbours have a dog and it's wildly entertaining!

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  1. Now that's cute-all those words, Lilah, is saying and whispering. Ever cute!! And the bark when she wakes from her nap-how cute is that!!