Tuesday, February 3, 2009

our sweet daughter

Lilah Grace 'LOBLAWS' - 1

Lilah Grace 'LOBLAWS' - 2

We went to Loblaws yesterday and had some pictures taken of our sweet Lilah, and also of us as a family. I wasn't sure how it would go, but Lilah did very well, even though she didn't give away a lot of smiles! She was much too curious and wanted to get her hands on the photographers quacking duck rather than actually smile and/or laugh at it! Our sweet daughter, she is now 20 months old - oh how we love her. The family pictures are here and here. The quality isn't that great because I just ordered them in the wallet size!


  1. How sweet, Jill. What a lovely family you have. Lilah has such a determined smile, doesn't she? :)


  2. So true Cindy! She is a determined girl in every possible way! She was so desperate to get her hands on that duck...and of course she did eventually!

  3. What a beautiful girl and a beautiful family!

  4. love all the photos she`s so cute and very pretty. can`t wait to see you all and to really meet lilah. Hope to go shopping with you to buy her something nice.love and God bless Goodlet and Derdre xo

  5. Oh my goodness, soooooo cute! She is so precious. I know you love are so in love with her. Love the family photos too.

  6. Very very Special.
    Such a pretty granddaughter.
    I love this colour on Lilah.
    You make such a sweet family.
    Loved all the photos.
    Sending hugs and kisses xxxooo
    mum & dad - nono & papie

  7. She is so CUTE! We loved seeing a picture of your family together, too. So happy for you and thanks for sharing your new family experiences with us. Wish we could be there to meet her and give her a cuddle, too! Hugs to all with love,
    Shawn, Heidi, Laura, Cullen & Rosalie

    P.S. The Canal pictures make us homesick! Enjoy the crisp cold with sunshine, the sound of skates on ice, and a Beaver Tail with hot chocolate for us!