Sunday, March 17, 2013

ophthalmology appointment

optalmologist visit optalmologist visit

Last Monday Lilah had an appointment with the Ophthalmologist at CHEO. Our amazing Ophthalmologist took a look at her eyes and was very pleased. Lilah then got (the dreaded!) eye drops, poor girl has to get double the dose, because her eyes are so dark. She is such a brave girl! Half an hour later, after her pupils dilated, the Dr checked her eyes again and did the required eye tests. It all ended with her getting a slightly stronger perscription in one eye, for her astigmatism. The Dr said Lilah was seeing the best she has ever seen, so I'm really happy about that.

Oh, other thing the Dr mentioned, is that the optic cup in one of her eyes is larger than normal. She said she would keep checking it to make sure there is no further development. I guess she could be at risk of Glaucoma, however the Dr did say that this disease is not common in children.

Because of the different prescription, guess what? Yes, of course, we had to go shopping for new frames! So yesterday, she and I went out glasses shopping. Lilah knew she wanted to keep the frames of her original (favourite) blue glasses, so we brought them along so they could change the lenses in them. Lilah was pretty set on finding a pair of red frames, but three stores later and we were beginning to realize that they were very hard to come by. In the third store she found the identical frame as her blue (and green on the inside) glasses, only this frame was purple (and red on the inside) - she started jumping up and down shouting: "I want these, I want these, I want these!"

So that's what we bought. They are the exact same frames as her blue ones, just different colours! It'll take a week or two for them to be fitted with her prescription and come back into the store. And while we wait, she's wearing her hardly-ever-worn, back up set of pink/lilac frames. This morning she looked in the mirror and asked me why she hardly ever wore them, because she said, "They're really nice!" Ha! Maybe we should have gotten the lenses changed in them too!

I'm sure it won't be long before you're seeing pictures of her snazzy new purple and red glasses!


  1. I love those frames on Lilah! With her hair being so dark, she really suits the lighter colour.

  2. She is darling in her new glasses! I hate those drops and they should really not say you can drive. I almost threw up from being so dizzy.

  3. I love the pink glasses, but she really should have a pair to match all her outfits, don't you think???

    1. Haha, Paige! Don't even get me started!! ;)
      She never wore this back-up pair until now... which is why everyone probably thinks they are the new pair! Lilah was never a fan of pink, but recently she's been telling me she likes all colours! Girls, we have the right to not being able to make up our mind! Ha!

  4. These are really snazzy! Can't wait to see the new frames, though!

  5. I wish I looked that good in my glasses!


  6. Love the new glasses!

  7. She's so cuteeeeee.. I like her glasses as well her ophthalmologist knows what fits her well. Thank you for sharing that! Have a nice day.