Friday, March 15, 2013

march break

This past week was March Break around here. We had a fabulous week. It was busy busy busy. But today, I'm so ready for a Mom break!

We fed the birds out of our hands, we went to IKEA and the girls had fun in småland and face painting, we went to the Canadian Museum of Civilization & Children's Museum, we went to the IMAX to see 'The Last Reef', we went to McDonald's play area and we went to the swimming pool (I had the drag the girls out, they were in there for 3 hours!).

The girls were SO happy and by the time Friday rolled around, my husband was even commenting on Phebe having a brand new glow of happiness about her. I think the swimming pool did that - the girl LOVES the water, as does Lilah! It sure was a fun week.

I didn't take my camera along to document everything. However, I did bring it to the Children's Museum, since it was our first time there, definitely not our last! The children's museum has lots of different scenes and activities in different countries, kinda like Epcot at Disney World, although on a much smaller scale! On the way in, the girls were given a passport that they could stamp (themselves) at each activity and country they visited. So neat.

Lilah's favourite part was being a post mistress in the post office, she could have stayed there all day long. And Phebe, well she loved driving the bus... and getting lost! It seemed like I spent 60% of the time searching for her!

The IMAX theatre is in the same building as the museum, which is nice. The girls LOVED 'The Last Reef' show, and with the 3D effect you could even reach out and think you were touching the fish. Phebe was so intrigued! She did complain about her belly hurting a few times, I think she felt a little motion sickness - so I just put my hands over her eyes a few times to help get her grounded!

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  1. Gosh you all have had a busy week!

    The childrens museum looks fab and Im so impressed with Phebe sitting through a film - I dont think Gracie could sit that long!

    You always have so much fun with your girls :)