Saturday, March 23, 2013



"Mama, thanks for all the Christmas toys. I'm lucky and I'm going to learn from you guys!"

"I'm so in a rush to read this book because it's got a fabulous ending!"

Part of Lilah's prayer one night: "I love you God, but you probably already know that, because I talk to you every night. And the Mama I came out of too." (She meant her birth Mama, however we'd just had a chat about childbirth, so that's why she said it that way!)

me: "Lilah, will you get a tablet and put it into the dishwasher please?"
lilah: "Aye Aye Captain Mama!"

"Do you remember Phebe in China, Mama? She was SO cute! I miss those old days!"

"Mama, I'm having a baby... he's going to be hatching soon!"

"Mom, doesn't Phebe have cute arbres? Oops, I mean eyebrows!" (Arbre is the French word for tree, but the sound of it is pretty close to eyebrow!)

Lilah explained to me her Sunday School lesson after Church one Sunday, it was regarding the last supper (before the Lord Jesus died).
me: "Do you think the Lord Jesus knew He was going to die?"
lilah: "DEFINITELY!" (she exclaimed) "The Lord Jesus knows everything!"

During one of our night time chats Lilah asked me about childbirth and how it all happens... after I explained it to her she exclaimed: "That's why I'm never going to have a baby! I'm adopting, like you!"

Right now one of Lilah's favourite songs on the CD in our car is "Psalm 18:1&2". Part of the song goes like this: "The Lord is my Rock, in whom I, take refuge". Whatever way the (kids on the CD) sing the words "whom I", Lilah thinks they're actually singing "Hunan"! I hadn't noticed she wasn't singing it correct, until she asked me one day: "Did you know those kids are singing about Phebe's country?!" (She means Hunan Province, of course!)


  1. she is delicious! thanks so much for sharing :D my mom tells me i said the same thing about adopting ... guess it's always been on my radar haha :)

  2. She has the best things to say! It is a good thing you write them all down... Someday she is going to live reading these!