Sunday, May 2, 2010

my birthday

mama's birthday
mama's birthday

I was born 33 years ago today.

Lilah, Colin and I all share the same birth month. Three birthdays celebrated over the next four weeks. Mine is today, May 2nd, Colin's is May 23rd and Lilah's is May 29th. I was born in '77, Colin was born in '71 and Lilah was born in '07.

There's something about those dates that makes me smile. We all have a number 2 in the day we were born and a number 7 in the year we were born.

I know, you can go ahead and call me crazy!

The other nice thing is that my daughter was born the year I turned 30, and because of that, I can actually keep track of my age now! Like when she's 3, I'm 33, when she's 4, I'm 34, etc. It's very true, there are in fact, times that I've forgotten my age. No wonder I need a post-it note for everything.

Lilah enjoyed blowing out the candle, even if it was just stuck into the fresh cream on the apple crumble I made last night. Here she is, practicing for her big day!

birthday - apple crumble!


  1. Happy Birthdays !
    you are a young adoptive mother (i'm 35 years old and in France it's young for adoptive parent).
    The 'Bisounours' (i don't know how you call them in englich) was my best friends during my youghest life, they are so cute.

    friendly from south France
    Severine heppy mother of Victoire Xinqian
    3 years old

  2. Hi Severine!

    I wish I could speak and write in two languages like you do.

    The English word for Bisounours is Carebears. Like yourself I also had a collection when I was younger and I loved them!

    I think you're right, 33 is quite young to be an adoptive parent. Maybe that is because the rules are (with CCAA) that the parents must be 30 before they can adopt.

    Blessing to you and your sweet Victoire.


  3. Happy birthday youngster! Looks like you had a great birthday.
    I always have to think of my age when people ask, do a little math in my head. Love the cake!

  4. Happy Birthday!! You're just a young thing! Don't worry about having trouble remembering your age, I do that all of the time and have to to the math (okay, lets see, 1974-2010=36 years). I thought the pattern you found in your birth dates was very interesting. I pay attention the that sort of thing too. For example Kerry's is 2/28/2008...all 2s and the zero's. I love the Mama/Daughter photo' cute.

    Gin =)

  5. Happy Birthday Jill. Great pictures and I love the amount of whip cream on the crumble and the very special care bears! Our family has interesting birthday too... Micah and Eli five days apart in January. Abby and Josiah three days apart in April/May. And then Lilah is also in May! And Tim and I are five days apart in November. Same age as your hubby!

    Have a great month of birthday celebrations!

  6. My son's is May 23'd as well. Happy Birtday!

  7. Happy Birthday Jill!!!!

    That is really neat about your birthdays all being in the same month...definitely special...and all those 7's...I'd have to wonder if that's your lucky number;-)?

    Hope you had a great day!


  8. Happy Birthday Jill! I can totally relate to forgetting my age! I think I did for the whole year I was 27!?! Love the carebears on the crumble they were one of my favourites when I was a girl! I pray that the Lord will pour out his richest blessings on you this year!

  9. Happy Birthday Jill!!!!!!! I know what a blessing it is to share it with Lilah too!!!

    Blessings for a wonderful and beautiful year!


  10. Happy birthday Jill !!
    Hope you had a great day
    Fran├žoise from France ( and before, Morroco)

  11. Happy (belated) birthday, Jill! And guess what? The Tongginator and I match, too (although we have a gap of a few months). But she just turned six... and soon I will be 36. We're both young for the China-adoption crowd. *grin*

  12. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Jill!!! Love the photo of you and Lilah!! I have to admit I do the "numbers" thing too!

  13. Hi Jill,
    You two are a beautiful pair. How very precious and sweet the two of you look together in those first two pictures.

    Happy Birthday Month to all of you...


  14. Happy Birthday to all of you!

  15. What an exciting month to have all 3 of your birthdays..... I think that is so cool and especially the numbers part of it!

    Hope you had a VERY Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy belated birthday to you, Jill, and early birthday wishes to Colin & sweet Lilah Grace!

    Beautiful Mom/Daughter picture!!!

  17. Happy Birthday! precious photos!

    I'm totally like that about numbers too! I almost wondered if Tia was the right one for us based on her month year/date etc. I'm not into numerology, like you, I just notice patterns in our family! Lilah was definitely born to be in your family!