Wednesday, May 5, 2010

monkey pajamas

You know how children go through the questioning "Why?" stage. Well Lilah hasn't started that yet. However, in the past week she has started asking "Where you bought this Mama?", she asks me that question all the time, usually it's in reference to her toys or her clothes, shoes and even food. It's so cute! She has also started asking me what certain things are called: Like yesterday she brought an elastic band to me and asked "What's dat fing talled (that thing called)?". And this morning she pointed at my shoulder blades and asked "What's dose fings talled (those things called)?" and when I told her they're my shoulder blades she laughed and said (in her funny little jokey voice), "Mamaaaa, put it away!". What a rascal!

I took this picture of Lilah last week. She'd just wakened from her nap and I simply love that soft little sleepy eyed look she still has. I also adore those little monkey pajamas she's wearing.

monkey in pajamas


  1. Just simply breathtakingly adorable. I love that time after naps, too, as Sammi and Nicki are so snuggly and relaxed. is all going by so fast, isn't it? We go to kindergarten orientation tonight...oh my!


  2. She is one cute little monkey:0) I love the PJ's

  3. I love those moments too, where they are warm and cuddly... the pj's are really cute!

    Those questions can be exhausting... but that is how they learn!

    Love the picture.

  4. That smile! Those jammies!
    And oh my, those EYES!
    She's a DOLL :)

  5. ahh...what a sweetie pie! I bet you just love snuggling up with her :) The gummi worm story is too cute!