Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the things she's learned (while on holiday)

eating cake

She can wink now, something (I think) she learned from Na. And it is so very cute!

She tells me all the time now, "Don't worry Mama".

She's discovered 'lost'. And any time she or I can't find something, she instantly claims it to be 'lost'. She also doesn't believe in looking very hard to try and find it!

She continually tells me to "Be tareful (careful) Mama" when I'm driving the car. (My Dad tells her to say that, and it's stuck!)

She's turned into a story teller. Nono taught her the art of story telling and she's caught right on! Her stories go on and on and can be quite colourful; including characters, happenings and sometimes places.

She constantly sings around the house, especially if she finds a Bible sitting around. She'll start flicking through the pages and singing heartily.

She says "Oops a daisy" a lot now.

She mimics a lot of her grandparents expressions. For instance, how Pa says "tut tut" and how Na holds her face in her hands with her elbows on the table. When Lilah copies, she'll say, "Pa/Na does dat (that)" and grins!

eating cake

eating cake

[ more pictures of Lilah finishing the leftover birthday cake here ]


  1. It is crazy how they just copy everything and soak it all in! Shows how careful we have to be... She is adorable and full of personality.

  2. I love all the little thing she picked up from her grandparents:) Lilah sounds absolutely delightful!!!

  3. Gosh, that girl of your's gets cuter every day! I love that she's been able to pick up so many cute things from her grandparents.