Friday, January 29, 2010

that is so cool!

"That is so tool (cool)" is Lilah's new expression of the day.
First she told me, "I'll show you how it works", and then followed it up with "That is so tool"!
Yes indeed, I did laugh out loud!

that is so cool!

[ more pictures here ]


  1. You have some great classic toys. I think they are the best ones for the imagination. She looks adorable in that sweater dress too.

  2. I love that sweater dress. She makes the cutest faces when she's concentratioing on something. But really, when is she not adorable? Umm..never?

  3. BTW, It took me a second glance to realize that those are pig ears in the last photo, and not bright red nail polish =)

  4. Do you remember playing with this toy as a child Paige?

    I do, only mine was plastic!

    This was in her Christmas stocking from Mum & Dad. She got her some really neat things.

    Jill :)

  5. I haven't taken on the nail painting thing yet Gin.

    I'm actually not that type of person myself. I never paint my nails. It's funny how you do things with your child that only you do yourself.

    Recently Colin said about how she's so like us. She likes the same foods, going to the same places, etc. But I had to remind him that we don't feed her anything we wouldn't feed ourselves, and we don't take her places we don't like going ourselves! :)

    That's kinda narrow minded I guess.

    Better work on that!! :)


  6. Love that dress! And I think I might actually pay money to hear her say that. Heh. It's funny just reading it.

  7. Nice pics! & what a cute little toy.