Sunday, January 31, 2010

"the postman did it!"

Here's evidence of how a word can get totally misconstrued, a 2 year old!

This morning (while I was getting ready for Church) Colin notices and mentions that I have a bruise.

I hadn't noticed it myself, but I knew exactly where and how it happened. So I said "Oh yes, I banged into the post at the top of the stairs a few days ago". I then launch into the full version of how it happened.

While I'm explaining how it happened, Lilah comes running over to inspect it, because well, she doesn't miss a thing and she's nosy like that! She even rubbed and kissed it, sweet girl!

About a minute later she's of playing again and I hear her say to herself, "The postman did it".

Huh? I look questioningly at Colin. He shrugs his shoulders and says something like, "You never know what she's going to come out with next".

About five minutes later Lilah and Colin are downstairs and Lilah is again saying to Colin how "The postman did it".

And it suddenly dawns on him.

When I arrive downstairs he says to me, "You know, you mentioned you banged into the post and the only post she knows is the postman!".


  1. It is great how they think they understand exactly what happened and yet it is totally off. That is a really cute story! It is great that your blog will be full of sweet memories like this.

  2. Gotta watch out for those nasty mail carriers!

    I love how deeply our girls think about things.

  3. Too Funny!! The stuff they come out with is too funny sometimes!
    Krista D

  4. Love what kids say, so funny.

  5. Oh that is precious! Watch out for that postman!!!