Friday, December 11, 2009

more of the things i love about her


How she uses the word 'open' instead of 'light'. Like at night she says "dark outside", but in the daytime she says "open outside".

How she calls all belts, seat belts. I have a belt on my winter jacket and as I was buckling it up this morning, she said "Mama put on the seat belt"!

How she simply swoons when I hold her tight and tell her "You're my baby girl".

How when she's washing her hands she always asks me for 'soup', but she actually means 'soap'!

How when we're at the Mall and walk by the Kernels Popcorn counter, she points and says to me "Mama, sweetcorn". (No, she doesn't know they are one and the same!)

How she calls all her small board books her hymn books.

How when we get home from being out and Colin has left us a voice message. I play it back and she chats away to him answering him and telling him all about her day and where she's been, not realizing he's not actually on the phone. When he hangs up she looks at me with a frown and says "Baba not dere (there)".

How after a meal out and we drive away from the restaurant, she waves and says "Bye food - Bye people"!

How she's been asking to go see Santa since we first saw him a few weeks ago, and not to hurt Santa's feelings, but I know all too well she just wants another candy cane!

How when we're driving to meet Baba for lunch (at his work) she is so animated and talks-non-stop-in-a-super-excited-high-pitch-voice.

How she says 'everymore' instead of 'anymore'. For example, "Lilah not singing everymore" or "Baba not sleeping everymore".

How she gets confused and calls a snowball a riceball. (I make her small little balls with the sticky rice and call them riceballs when we are at a Chinese or Thai restaurant)

How we go to Costco once a week and she knows Costco only because of the caramel ice-cream sundae we get there. I don't think it's crossed her mind that we actually buy groceries too!


  1. I enjoy your blog as it helps me to notice the small things that give me joy in my children. I have three kids, one little girl adopted from China like Lilah, and I feel as if sometimes in the chaos, I forget to notice those little things.

    What a lucky little girl Lilah is to have a mother that loves her for all that she is!


  2. I agree with Mary. It becomes more difficult to notice the little precious things they all say and do the more of them there are. I want to remember them though, therefore I blog! She does say some very sweet things!

  3. Even with just one, it's so easy to forget. I seem to get more forgetful as the days go by, with notes and lists all over the place!

    I just want to put it into her blog to remember, for later.

  4. Another beautiful picture, and heartwarming post!

  5. Ann in Ottawa11 December, 2009

    I have been following your blog since last December, and Oh how I look forward to your postings, especially the videos. She is so precious, and Mom, you da best. You are a really good Mom, the most important job in the world. These memories will be a powerful (positive) influence on Lilah’s sense of self, and will help carry you both through inevitable challenges in the years to come. Happy First Year and thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Oh Jill...she's so lovely and wonderful! I'm so glad you're capturing all of these moments!

  7. So many things to love!!!!!! Thank you for sharing... I loved reading about Miss Lilah!

  8. Thanks for sharing all of these things about your sweet Lilah. She must be pure joy to be around. I love all of the cute little things that she says, so precious. I need to follow your example now that Kerry is talking more and more.

    Gin =)