Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"i'm tross"

In a recent post I mentioned Lilah's 'Tross Face'. She's learning a lot of emotions at the moment. I must admit, even though she has books with emotions in them, it seems this development has only recently been realized by watching "Ni Hao Kai-Lan". At least, that's who I'm blaming! Not in a bad way though, I really like Kai-Lan's little 'life lesson' movies. Anyway, Lilah turned to me in the grocery isle about three weeks ago and said "I'm TROSS". Me, in a dumbfound voice says, "What? You're cross?". She immediately falls into laughter and I think to myself, this is the beginning of the end! Well, it has to be the funniest thing, she now does it all the time, puts on this cross face and says, I'm tross, meanwhile, underneath that cross face, she is just dying to burst into giggles. It cracks us up every time.

Now lets see if we can keep the cross thing as happy as it is right now! She's going to be so confused about emotions when this is all over. Welcome to my life!

Lilah also comes out with Kai-Lan's little saying now and again, 'you make my heart so happy', and it's the sweetest thing ever. On top of that she has caught onto Rintoo's 'tiger tiger ROAR". We hear a lot of roaring around our house at the moment!


  1. That girl has quite the personality! She is too cute to be cross! And Jill, I love your accent...

  2. I agree with Paige, she is too cute to be cross!
    Just you wait the whole Kai Lan thing gets worse! I caught myself singing one of her songs the other day!!!

  3. Oh how funny! I agree, Lilah is just too cute to be cross. And even when she's truly cross, I'm sure it's precious. Kerry loves Kai Lan, and does the Rintoo ROAR, as well. She's not as much into the dialogue, yet.

    Gin =)

  4. Oh My Goodness! She is too cute!

  5. she is so stinkin' beautiful, and CUTE! We love Kai-Lan too!!

  6. It is not easy to be cross when you are that cute! Oh my she is precious!

    We heard the tiger tiger ROAR for quite a while around here.....