Thursday, October 8, 2009

queen of the potty

Lilah is now fully daytime potty trained, however she is quite clever and has started to abuse her I-need-to-go-potty call, mostly to get out of situations she couldn't care less for! Yesterday morning she was half way through breakfast and obviously wasn't particular about finishing it, she said she needed to go to the potty. Nothing. Then yesterday afternoon she'd had enough of shopping, (only about 10 minutes after previously using the public washroom), requested to go again. Nothing. Hmm you little rascal - Miss Lilah, I'm onto you and your craftiness!

the queen on her throne


  1. Ha ha ha! I love that look she's giving in the last photo!

  2. Yay Lilah! That's how it all starts I suppose. Sounds like she'll be using the potty for real in the very near future. Kerry hasn't used it since that first time.

    Gin =)