Thursday, October 1, 2009

oh dear, mooncakes

Happy National Day of China.

Well, I tried my hand at moon cakes this evening and they turned out a disaster. They were just like the moon itself, hard as rock! I should have taken a picture before I put them in the oven, because at that stage they looked really lovely, each with their little patterns. I'll try to make them again sometime, maybe next year. For now, there's a convenient little bakery in Chinatown that sells them!

But all was not lost, my little helper had so much fun! Lilah just loves to get in on the action. Here she is mixing the eggs and sugar, looking so intent and then kneading and rolling the dough. I love her enthusiasm, even if there was dough and flour all over the place!

making mooncakes

making mooncakes

1 comment:

  1. Look at that focus and concentration.
    Those qualities might serve her well later in life. Reminds me of another little girl I know.

    Gin =)