Friday, October 2, 2009

lilah-do-it ~ lilah-say-it

We have a wee Miss Independent on our hands now. Just about anything Colin or I say we're doing or going to do, Lilah rushes over and says in a snappy little tone, "Lilah-do-it". So maybe it's best not to say everything out loud, which is generally what I do around the house, in the grocery store, etc. Not only is she all about Lilah-do-it, she is also all about Lilah-say-it. She likes to talk a lot and is rather disgusted if we're talking to anyone other than her; especially if she is holding her own conversation and we aren't listening! We are starting to have to say to her, "Mama and Baba are talking now, you can talk when we're finished". Lilah's quick reply to that is, "Lilah-talk-now". Rascal.

I'm rather negligent when it comes to movies. I enjoy the camera more! Anyway, here's a couple that I've taken over the past month or so.

Ni Hao - A Chinese hello, courtesy of 'Dora the Explorer's World Adventure'

"Seek ye Lord" - my first memorized Sunday School verse.


  1. Oh my!! Those are adorable!! Look at her excitement with her first verse. Love it.

  2. So adorable! Thanks for sharing,

  3. Oh my, could she be any sweeter?! She is seriously cute. I love that she's memorizing Bible verses already.

    Gin =)