Monday, March 30, 2009

baba's gone back to work

After 15 weeks of vacation/parental leave, Colin has returned to work. I truly think Colin and I both being off together with Lilah for the first 3 months (of our life as a family of three) was the best thing we could have done. Those first days and moments were so precious to us, together we built a trust and a bond that can so easily be taken for granted. She seems so happy and secure with us now. We are so very thankful.

a rainy sunday


  1. Miss Lilah,
    Both my granddaughters, Ilana 6 and Sadie 3, want a rain coat JUST like yours. It is so cute. Could you ask your Mommie where she got it. I think I would like to get them one. It is just awesome! My email address is
    Thank you.

    PS Cutting teeth is hard on a girl isn't it? I'm sorry sweetness. It will be over soon I promise. I used to put a wash cloth in the freezer and my darlin' girls would chew and suck on it and it made them feel better. Maybe you could try it.

    Miss Lila in Atlanta
    Miss Ilana 6 yrs
    Miss Sadie 3 yrs

  2. For anyone else wondering where Lilah's jacket is from, we bought it in Marks & Spencer in the UK.

    M&S actually ships to Canada and the United States now!

    Here is the link...


  3. Adorable girl, adorable jacket, and adorable hat!!!!

    Great photo!!!!

  4. That is truly a treasure that baba could be on parental leave all these first months. You can see the peace in her eyes. You're great parents. Lilah is adorable in every photo...amazing!

  5. You were so smart to both be home for that time. It will make a difference for the rest of lilah's life.