Friday, March 27, 2009

feeling miles better

Thanks so much for all your emails and tips, we sure did appreciate them. Miss Lilah is back to her usual tiptop form today, even though there's still no sign of her second canine. There is a possibility we could have more teething days in our future! I took these photos earlier today and noticed when zooming in (on the one below) that you can see her new left canine. Yep, that little white dot on her gum! She is one happy girl! We are so blessed!

lilah - teething


  1. I'm so glad Lilah is better. It's like they say, "teething bites!"

    Gin =)

  2. This morning I went to a chinese super market and heard this song, which I suddenly thought of Lilah because I suddenly felt it was very much of Irish feeling.

    "I wish I were the clung shamrock if you were the bead of morning dew"

  3. Now that is just too sweet! I had no idea there were any Chinese shamrock songs! I wish I understood the words, I bet it is a very romantic love song! :)

    Thank you for sharing!


  4. What I know about this song is about 20 years ago, 2 high school girls in the class room (in Taiwan), one of them came up something in her mind and wrote down the lyrics. Another girl (the singer above) saw and composed it and became a song within 5 minutes. So, this song is short, simple, and rather innocent. Strangely, I did not feel this song very Irish until yesterday.

    Let me try what she is singing :

    if you were the shamrock I wish I were the morning dew

    if you were the white cloud, I wish I were the sprinkle rain

    clinging to you, then I know
    I will always accompany and next to you and how beautiful it will be

    if you were the open sea I wish I were the ocean beach

    if you were the light mist I wish I were the gentle breeze

    snuggling to you, then I know
    I will always accompany and next to you and how sweet it will be

  5. It's beautiful! It makes me think of my life with Lilah!

    Thanks so much for the translation, very kind indeed!