Thursday, March 26, 2009

canines are a pain

No, this post has nothing to do with dogs. Lilah is teething at the moment, she got one of her lower canines earlier this week and the other is trying to push its way through now too, but hasn't quite made it yet. I feel so bad for her, she's in a lot of pain and her gums are very red and swollen. At times it isn't really obvious she's in pain, but today is totally different, she just wants to be held and snuggled. She can't even laugh at the silliest of things, and when she tries, it's more like a half cry, which is so unlike our girl. She is napping at the moment and I'm on my way out to buy her some frozen popsicles. The tylenol seems to be relieving her a little bit and I've tried the oragel too, but she can't stand it. I really think it gives her the most (short term) relief though. Oh dear, oh dear, what to do...

Here's a sweet photo of Miss Lilah 'helping' me in the kitchen yesterday. I had asked her to mix up the ingredients for the stuffed pasta shells, but she preferred to munch instead!

helping in the kitchen


  1. The poor little thing, you can see the teething rash on her face. It is tough, as parents we feel helpless in times such as these. It has been some time since my kids were here but I can remember popsicles, teething rings and wet face clothes put in the freezer for them to bite on. We would twist or knot the facecloth, saturate it in water then freeze it. I am sure you will have more than a few people out there wishing her well, hope it passes soon for the little sweetie.


  2. Miss Lilah is so lovely!