Saturday, October 25, 2008

care package - eating cake with my friends

Last weekend we decided to send Lilah another little care package through 'ladybugs and love from above'. We wrote a letter that Angela translated and sent to the orphanage staff, along with a cuddly panda and some money. The money was sent so the orphanage could buy a cake for the children to share and enjoy!

We decided on a cake because we wanted Lilah to have a little celebration while we too were celebrating our letter arriving. I thought we'd be celebrating together, however Lilah is a little bit ahead of the game, as we haven't received the letter yet! I also read in a few places that the orphanage staff (and children) really like to get cake. Here are the pictures to prove it all happened and they enjoyed the yummy looking cake.

More pictures here.


  1. That is so sweet that all the kids got to enjoy cake and celebrate with Lilah! I'm sure you and Colin will be celebrating soon too!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little Lilah!
    She is just precious!!!!!!

    (mom to Lily from Yangdong and Ty from Shaanxi)

  3. oh my golly, so beautiful, thank you for sharing, julia

  4. Oh my, Lilah is beautiful. Her exotic eyes remind me of Eliza. I know you are going nuts waiting. Look at these pictures though; they're outside and they're eating cake. That is huge! They all look so beautiful. I'm so glad to see these photos taken and the panda included. That is great to see from Yangdong. (I don't recognize this ayi; I wonder if she's new?) Hang on a little bit longer. I believe in my heart that you are getting close. Oh and maybe the cake will make the paperwork move a little faster. At least it will be making them all sweeter!! Lilah is just gorgeous. Stunning!