Tuesday, September 3, 2013

grade 1!

first day of Grade 1

Her first day of Grade 1 has arrived.

She chose her clothes, her hairstyle, right down to the exact height of the pigtails! She told me she was half excited, half nervous and half scared. I hadn't the heart to tell her three halves didn't make a whole! Well, the nerves sure didn't last long. The thrill of seeing her friends again took over and Phebe and I were lost in the dust!

My favourite part of the day was her running into my arms (at the end of the day), shouting "Mama Mama!", for a 5 minute hug, with her arms and legs wrapped around me. She told me: "I had an AWESOME day!"

Ahh, this Mama's heart is super happy. I couldn't possibly feel any more thankful than I do right now. Love that girl of mine.

first day of Grade 1 first day of Grade 1


  1. Awesome! Here's to an amazing school year!

  2. Aw, she's so precious. I love her enthusiasm. Hope she has an awesome first grade year!

  3. Just like my Lilah! They both love school! I bet Phebe misses her like crazy!

  4. I just know your super first-grader is going to have a fantastic year! =)

  5. What a great start to a new school year! I can just imagine the fullness in your heart when you heard how wonderful her first day was. :)