Friday, September 6, 2013

first week of school, complete!

First week of school was a success!
She looks a little disheveled and tired, but nonetheless, very happy.
This 'pencils' skirt was supposed to be worn on her first day, but we forgot!
And the boo beanie turtle was a first day gift, just because. She'd had her eye on 'Sandy' for a while.

Here's to many more weeks & months (& years!) of loving school.

first week of school, over! first week of school, over! first week of school, over!


  1. So glad Lilah has enjoyed her first week :)

    Our schools here run from 9-3, and as we live just one house away from the primary Gracie will be going too next August, I have been able to see the little P1s coming and going....and they all look tired once 3pm comes round!

    But they are so excited to have homework to do!!!!!

    They are still so young still and its such a big change for them,isnt it?

    Have a nice weekend. Dx

  2. So happy Lilah had such a good first week of school:)

  3. She looks darling, disheveled or not! Wish I could say the same for myself! lol Glad to hear school has gotten off to a great start.

  4. That skirt is mighty pretty, but the face with the grin is prittiness in itself <3 So glad her first week went well xx

  5. Wishing miss Lilah a fantastic school year!

  6. Love the skirt. And I wish I could make "disheveled" look that cute! Kerry would adore that back-pack.

    Gin =)

  7. Such a cute pencil skirt!! And I love that you used the word "disheveled"; when I looked more closely at Lilah I could see her flyaway hair! How cute is that?!

    Have a great school year, Lilah!