Friday, August 16, 2013

seedsowers ~ camping

The girls and I had the time of our lives this past week, camping with SeedSowers.

The campsite, (Domaine de l'Ange-Gardien), is in Quebec, just about 20 miles outside Ottawa. There were approximately 100 people there, families, many many young Christians, all eager to spread the Gospel to homes in Ottawa.

The girls had such a wonderful time, they LOVED camping in a tent, did I mention they loved camping in a tent? Oh they were on such a high sleeping outdoors! And they loved hanging with other little people all day long, not to mention catching frogs and playing in a muddy pond, swimming in the muddy pond and sitting around the campfire listening to testimonies and how peoples lives were changed by their Faith in the Lord.

I feel so thankful to have been part of this. To enjoy other Christians company. To feel uplifted. I'm just so thankful for the gift of Faith filled friends and that my girls get to grow up, surrounded by Christian love.

I didn't take many pictures, just a few to document our time there.

SeedSowers 2013 SeedSowers 2013 SeedSowers 2013 SeedSowers 2013 SeedSowers 2013

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  1. Good for you for tenting it! That's why we camp, right? For the kids!