Saturday, May 4, 2013

recent happenings and sayings!

nothing says spring like daffodils

"Mom, before I could ride my bike without stabilizers, I had a dream I was riding my bike without stabilizers and that dream came true! Last night I dreamt that you, me and Phebe were jumping off tall buildings to find the right building. I don't think that dream is going to come true, do you?"

One of our friends (Amy) looked after Lilah last Thursday as we had our pre-assesment appointment at the Children's Hospital with Phebe. Later that evening, Lilah said to me, "Mom I had SO much fun today with Amy... sometimes I just need a break from you!"

On my birthday, my husband gave Lilah $10 to take me out. I didn't know anything about it! Lilah asked me all morning if we could go out for a walk... so I figured something was up! There are at least five different coffee shops in our area, it was a secret which one she was going to bring me to, so she walked in front to show me the way! It ended up being Tim Hortons! So I asked her what she was going to order me, and she said: "Mama, it's your special day, I don't want to disappoint you, so you just make that decision yourself!" I got a tea and breakfast sandwich while my two monkeys feasted on Cold Stone Creamery Cotton Candy ice-cream at 11am!

Baba regularly has this saying, "God helps those that help themselves", in other words... God won't let you sit back on your oars when you want something, you need to be proactive. After Baba said it one evening, Lilah looked at me and asked: "Is that a real Bible verse?"

lilah: "Mama, wasn't it supposed to rain today?"
me: "Yep, your right... but sometimes the weatherman gets it wrong!"
*5 minutes silence*
lilah: "Mama, does the weatherman make a deal with God?"


  1. I love that she took you to Tim Horton's. She must know out of all the coffee shops that that is your favourite!

  2. Such a thoughtful little girl to be so young! And like I've said before, I love the way her little mind works and the things she says. I laughed at the weather man question! And the one about needing a little break from Mama just shows how confident and secure she is...but why do they have to grow so fast!

    Gin =)