Friday, May 3, 2013

biking fun!

As she bikes her heart out every single day she gets the opportunity, including to school and home... she is growing lots and lots of confidence.

At the start she had a hard time biking on the footpath. I think the width of it kinda threw her off, because she either thought she was going to fall off the kerb or bike into someones garden! So we started her out on our pretty quiet little street... biking up and down the street.

But with all the practice, she can now bike of the footpath (Canadian = Sidewalk!). In fact, she can even bike past me on the footpath now, without mowing me down! Next thing you know, she'll be doing wheelies! Haha - I jest! If you knew my (cautious) girl, you would be like "Yeah, right!".

sunny fun!


  1. Way to go Lilah! What a confidence builder... she does have a tomboy side to her... so the wheelies isn't all that surprising!

  2. Love the big, proud smile she's wearing!