Tuesday, November 3, 2009

some of the things i love about her

butterfly shirt

I love how on Halloween evening I asked her if she wanted to change into her ladybug outfit and she said "No hank you", she then looked down at the shirt she was wearing, patted it and said "Nice butterflies".

I love when she yawns during the day, she says "Not tired Mama, jus yawning".

I love how she emphasises certain words, like "Love you SOOOO much", "ALLLL done" and "OHHHH dear".

I love when she told me (many times) how she 'fall over' something last night and I wasn't getting it, she changed the wording and said, "Mama, I tipped (tripped) over it".

I love how every night after supper she requests a "Tup a tea".

I love when we're messing around with her, she will look at us with a grin and say "Jus doking (joking) Mama/Baba".

I love when we were at the cash register in a shop today, (I was buying her a little tub of ice-cream scented play dough) she said "Hank you for duying it Mama", not once, but three times.

I love how at night she prays, how she scrunchies up her eyes so tight and clasps her hands up to her chin while lying in her crib. I love everything about her little prayers which are mainly a repeat of what we say; praying for the little boys and girls in the orphanage that they will soon have Mamas and Babas and how she thanks God for her birth Mama.

I love how she wants us all to hold hands at the supper table at night and then says "Circle" with the happiest smile on her face, and we tell her we're a family, we all love each other.

I love how she tells me numerous times during the day that "Baba is worting hard".

I love when I tell her to be careful, she returns the favour and says "Mama be tareful".

I love when we're driving through our neighbourhood, she recognizes it and will say "Almost home Mama".

I love how her words that are supposed to be pronounced with the letter c instead are pronounced with t, like tutting (cutting), tat (cat), tar (car), tootie (cookie), toklate (chocolate), tying (crying), toss (cross), tute (cute) and toat (coat).

I love when she gets off the potty, each and every time she says "Mama so poud (proud) you".


  1. i love ALL of these things, too! and i love that you are writing them down and journaling all of these precious and priceless moments... you both are going to treasure them one day!!

    love and hugs,
    ~ tanya

  2. How could you not love her when there are so many sweet and adorable things about your sweet, adorable girl?!

    Gin =) so

  3. That is the best thing about blogging...all those precious things you think you will never forget but chances are you will, will never be forgotten now. so so sweet!

    When my daughter moves to Ottawa next year and I come for a visit....I hope we can meet and let the kids play...that would be AWESOME!


  4. That was the most awesome blog I think I've EVER read Jill! You made me cry happy! God is so good, yes I agree. I'm thrilled he put you all together. He truly knew what he was doing!
    Love you bunches,
    Miss Lila

  5. Jill, every time I stop in at your blog, I'm blown away by the beauty of Lilah. This post made me tear up all the way through it because you allowed us to experience the inner beauty of Lilah. She sounds amazing and precious. Wow. This was so touching. Thank you for sharing all her little sayings. I would love them too! xxoo me, e and a

  6. Awwww...so cute Jill! I'm glad I can keep up to date on your lives through the blog! Miss you guys! Andrea xo

  7. Oh she is just so very lovable!!!! Each of those memories is absolutely precious and even though you think you'll remember them all...you won't (or at least I don't as time goes on). So I am thrilled you recorded them here.