Wednesday, November 25, 2009

animals of all kinds

animals of all kinds

I'm being a very proud Mama here and I apologize up front for it.

I bought Lilah a 54 pack of animal flash cards for her second birthday. They are for ages 4 and up and each card has lots of animal facts on the back that we aren't too bothered about right now. The cards were ignored for a long time, that was until about five weeks ago when I added the pack to her 'Church bag'. At which point they started getting a lot of attention! Lilah now knows 39 out of 54 animals. She recognizes them and can say each of their names. Amazing I say, amazing.

does know:
moose, kangaroo, alligator, birds, pig, giraffe, owl, butterfly, rabbit, ducks, cows, fish, sheep, penguins, spider, chickens, tiger, zebra, wolf, koalas, turtle, fox, monkey, elephant, bees, squirrel, panda, deer, ants, snake, camel, dogs, mouse, frog, horse, lions, bear, goat, cats.

the leftovers:
raccoon, octopus, dolphin, rhinoceros, jaguar, chipmunks, gorilla, toucan, skunk, whale, grasshoppers, armadillo, ostrich, seal, walrus.

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  1. She is a smart little girl! They love to just soak in knowledge at this age don't they?