Tuesday, September 29, 2009

if the dress fits, wear it

Last night I hauled out the suitcase that stores all the gifts and trinkets we brought home from China, for our Lilah. There are so many memories in that suitcase! Among the trinkets and gifts, I have several little qípáos for our girl to wear. So this morning, when I showed her this black one, she was thrilled. This afternoon I finally got around to ironing it and put it on her, she was so proud of herself! It's the first time she's asked me to take her upstairs to the full length mirror (in our bedroom) so she could see herself better. The photo below is of her rubbing her belly. She was rubbing her belly and saying "Lilah's Chinese dress". So sweet. She will be excited when she gets to wear it again this coming Saturday for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown. And also to Church on Sunday.

moon festival - dress

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  1. Oh, she looks beautiful in black! Kerry hates to wear her traditional chinese dresses. Too constricting, I guess.

    Gin =)