Monday, December 16, 2013

annual santa visit

santa 2013

Look what we did today! Now to peel my girls off the ceiling!

Yes, they were THAT excited! Funny, because I've chosen to be 'that' parent and I've told both of my girls the truth about Santa. That was really hard for me, but I have my reasons. I've always wanted honesty with my girls, mainly because of their story, adoption and all the questions that already have and will continue to surface about their birth, birthparents, etc. I also want them to know that the (real) story of Christmas is true, that our Lord Jesus' birth, death and resurrection really did happen, it's not a fairy tale and it's not pretend... I never want them to question that.

And even though they know Santa is 'pretend', there is still a huge part of Santa that my girls find magical. I like that.


  1. What a sweet picture in their matching outfits…How can we not love Santa… even when he is pretend!

  2. Thanks for posting this today! We also have our reasons to tell our kids the truth about Santa, and have received quite a bit of criticism about it lately.

  3. I'm "that parent" too. Kerry and I had a little discussion about how Santa is just fun and pretend, and about the historical Saint Nicholas. My reasons are much like yours. I don't like "lying" to her and I want her to know she never has to question anything I tell her, especially about the "bigger stuff" in life and spiritual things, Especially now that she's just starting to talk about these things.

    This is an absolutely adorable photo of your girls....and check out how long Phebe's hair is getting!

    Gin =)