Monday, November 25, 2013

a hint of snow

Just a little hint of snow around these parts.
Mind you, with a cool wind chill of -17 this morning... winter is really starting to hit.
The snowsuits are in full use!

But more to the point, where can I get myself a pair of these boots, like my girls?
They really gotta start making cute things for gals my age!

[ lilah, heading to her piano lesson this afternoon ]


  1. Where did you find those boots? Love them. Actually if they make them in a girls size 4 I could wear them...hmmm.

    Gin =)

    1. They are from the Gap! And only go up to a toddler size 11. Thankfully Lilah is still wearing size 11, don't imagine for long though!

  2. Ha, I just left that exact same message on your FB page, Jill! Hope you are all well and cuddling into each other to kepp warm ...brrrrrrrr!

  3. Yes, we do need better footwear options don't we?! (Oh, but have you ever looked at Joyfolie online? Girls and Women boots and shoots - glorious!!! I haven't ordered footwear from Joyfolie, though, only clothing and accessories for Claire)

    Stay warm!

  4. I want those boots for me! Girls are definitely fun to shop for! And it never ends...

  5. Wow, that's cold! At least Lilah has some cute kicks to keep her tootsies warm. Hope you're finding good ways to stay warm up there! I won't tell you what our high temp is for would be "mean" of me. ;)