Sunday, February 24, 2013

新年快乐 - xīn nián kuài lè - happy new year!

I know this is a little late... we happened to be in Cuba this year for Chinese New Year! I'd packed the girl's Chinese dresses and they wore them to dinner that evening, gaining many compliments from the staff and other tourists. There was even Spring Rolls at the buffet to celebrate the occasion! Although I don't think that was totally planned!

Call me vain, but I had actually imagined this wonderful beach photoshoot in my head, with the girls all snazzy in their Chinese dresses... but the many long days at the beach had made us all quite tired, so much so that we napped right through that glorious photo opportunity! My excuse - it got dark earlier than I anticipated! Oh well, sleep, and as a result, happy girls, makes the vacation much nicer than grumpy girls and photoshoots! ...just sayin!

But don't they look the picture of happiness and joy in this picture?! I admit, I do have to act quite silly for these grins! But it's SO worth it!

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! Happy New Year my friends!

chinese new year - 2013


  1. They look happy and beautiful! Great way to celebrate Chinese New Year... in Cuba!

  2. Beautiful smiles on those two!

    I can relate about your vision for a beautiful photo shoot on the beach; I always have these ideas too but often when the time comes, things don't quite work out as planned! Nevertheless, you captured your beauties and had a great CNY!

  3. they are cute together! I bet you stocked up on dresses in China!


    1. Aha! Yes Lea! Both these were bought in September! Lilah's favourite colour is blue, and last year she wore royal blue. I found her this turquoise blue one for this year. I sure hope she changes her favourite colour for next year, or I may have to do a colour repeat! ;)