Thursday, September 27, 2012

sisters... and friends

Soon I will type up a post on Lilah's time in China, her birth country. And the wonderful time we enjoyed in the two and a half weeks we spent there. But for now, let me leave you with these photos, that I took yesterday... she and her new little sister at the park.

Their relationship is such a beautiful love story.

There are many reasons we went back to China to get another little one, but one of the main reasons was very much for Lilah. We never wanted her to be an only child. We wanted her to have the company of a sibling. And we knew when we started this process, to adopt another child, that it could have went either way, they could have loved each other, or not so much! Well the Lord is overall and He definitely hand picked Phebe to be Lilah's little sister. These girls have a beautful relationship already. They get to be sisters and all being well, a lifetime of forever friends.

We feel so thankful and blessed that our girls already have an incredible bond. Thank you Lord for these two blessings and the love they share.

first trip to the park first trip to the park

Before I took these pictures Phebe had just sat on the tire, then she shifted over and patted
the area beside her for Lilah to sit down. Lilah tried to squash her butt down beside her,
but realized there wasn't enough room. She then proceeded to pick Phebe up, set her on her
knee and then swayed her back and forth, much to Phebe's amusement!

I love them both so much.


  1. they are lovely. when i count my life-gifts, my siblings are my favourites <3.

  2. I am SO thrilled that the girls get along so well!!! I bet Lilah is just pleased as punch to have a best friend and sister!!!!

  3. Was there ever any doubt that Lilah would be a fantastic sister?! These sister photos are so precious. It's so obvious they adore each other already.

    Gin =)

  4. These pictures are lovely. I just love how much they love each other :)

  5. Lilah has adjusted to this change so well... they seem to have a great bond that will last a lifetime!

  6. Don't you just love sisterly love! I know you are basking in watching them together!

  7. Look at your perfectly framed shots! Nice work!! These girls are so darling, and it makes my heart swell to see the love they have for each other. You are truly blessed.

  8. Awesome!! I'm so happy for you and your family of four! They look and sound so adorable together.

  9. How sweet--looks like they're getting along famously.