Thursday, July 2, 2009

gift from the orphanage director

It's taken me a long time to get around to posting this, however I want to record it on Lilah's blog, so better late than never! In April the director from Lilah's Social Welfare Institute made a trip to the US to speak at the 'East Meets West' Chinese Adoption Conference. One very kind (and very organized) Mommy (Kelly) on the Yangdong SWI Yahoo Group went to the conference to hear Mr Huang speak. She asked if anyone wanted to email her a few pictures of their Yangdong children, she would print them and pass them on to Mr Huang. She not only did that, she created a fabulous album with all the pictures that were sent to her and gave it to the director. It sounded like he was thrilled to see all the little ones growing up and happy! In return, he kindly gave gifts to Kelly to pass on to all those families that contributed to the album. Kelly very kindly mailed the gifts to each of us. I have added a few pictures below of Lilah wearing her jade necklace and also a picture of the gifts from Mr Huang.

I have to say, I think the director of Lilah's orphanage is a wonderful man. He works hard and really has the children's best interest at heart. I have an email of everything he said at that conference, kindly typed out by Kelly. There are many parts that make me feel thankful that Lilah was brought up in his orphanage, for those first 18 months of her life. Here is one part that reinforces to me what a great director he is, it is interpreted...
"Remember the tainted formula, the melamine? He said that when he took over in 2004 they were using the formula that was tainted. And he felt that formula was not right, so he decided to drop that formula and started using Nestle, even if it means that one can of formula costs 100 Yuan more, especially back then it was 40 Yuan. Now the price has gone up to 200 Yuan. So he said, "It doesn't matter, that's expensive, but we're using that" and that's why his children are not affected, because he dropped that formula manufacturer company and is now using American formula."

orphanage director gift

orphanage director gift

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