Monday, June 8, 2009

we picture {this} ~ theme: before and after

Since I really enjoy editing photos, I thought I would play along with the 'we picture {this}' mamarazzi photoblog and their current theme. For this photo, I used the following tools: crop, rotate, enhance, desaturation and exposure.

[ before ]
we picture {this} - before

[ after ]
we picture {this} - after

Check out the following link for lots of fabulous 'before and after' pictures!

we picture {this}


  1. kerryleeb08 June, 2009

    Love the princess outfit, really cute. Me thinks Ellen and Zoe would like some just like it. Hope your all well. LOVE cousin Kerry xo

  2. This is a gorgeous edit! I love the desaturated look so much... this is really well done. It really softened the photo and makes it feel so peaceful. :)

    Wonderful work!

  3. Such a precious picture!!

  4. Ohhh, I love it!!
    Lilah Grace is so lovely... did you see her sweet face on the new No Hands But Ours homepage yet??

  5. I just checked it! The new homepage looks super - all those sweet little faces! I still have to get our story together for your website! Soon...

  6. Lorraine Carson10 June, 2009

    Hi jill, love the photos. My laptop charger has been broken (by a certain one year old called charlie!) so I haven't been able to check your blog. It was so nice to see the photos of Lilah opening my gift ... thank you so much for posting them. Hope she gets use of the apron when you bake the cupcakes again!
    Love always,

  7. What a precious little girl! Such a doll! Love the soft look of the edit! Great job! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  8. Hi again!
    You are too sweet! I'm so happy to hear that I've inspired you in some small way! You will love photoshop! There is definitely a steep learning curve and it can be very overwhelming but use the internet to your advantage and you will learn so much. I know I learn something new every day. Like I said in my post, I've only had the program for one month but am loving the results already. I can't imagine what a year of practicing will do! Have fun being creative! Stop by again sometime!!

  9. Such a beautiful child and I love how you softened this but I might have cleaned up her face. With two four year olds (both adopted from China), that seems to be what I do most to my photos!


    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  10. Thanks Donna! You're right, she is a bit messy in this one. lol! :)

  11. Such a cutie! The picture was great to begin with, but the softness of the edit makes it that much sweeter!

    BTW love you blog design!
    Check out my blog and let me know what you think :)