Wednesday, May 27, 2009

museum of nature

Away back in January, when it was minus-to-cold-to-think-about-right-now, I asked the library to put my name down for free passes to some of the museums in the city. (Thanks for that tip Wei Ling!)

Well this week I got a call to say a pass for the Museum of Nature had come available. Today was a rainy day, so a trip to Tim Horton's and a chocolate milk later, Lilah and I decided to go check out the museum. I've never been a history buff and I have no interest in museums, at all, but I will go ahead and eat my hat, because this one is fantastic (for little ones) and Lilah had a ball at it today. Dressing like a bear, working in the veterinary clinic, driving the birdmobile, seeing a life size stuffed moose and feeding the owl with a syringe are only a few of the very fun things you can do in this museum!

If you live in Ottawa and you're looking somewhere new and different to go with your little one, check out this article. There are many fun free activities available!


  1. She makes an adorable doctor.

  2. What wonderful photos! I am so glad to hear that you both enjoyed your day at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

    - Anne

  3. I love your little pig tails Lilah! I am so taking the kids to this museum this summer, they would probably go wild with excitement!

  4. Hi Jill, I just got news of this site yesterday. Your little girl is really cute! That picture with the stethoscope is really cute; I hope that you two are saving up for med school!