Monday, November 24, 2008

it's all about the memories

We picked up the camcorder for our trip tonight. We'll both have to practice using it a bit as we've never used one before. I'll admit, I'm not nearly as fond of movies as I am of photos! Colin is officially in charge of it; he has been voted director, writer and editor. He just doesn't know it yet!


  1. So funny because my hubby is in charge of the video and I am in charge of photos. It ends up that I am in all the videos (not a pretty site) and he is in all the pictures.

  2. Hey, I just recently got the same camcorder!!! Stephe

  3. Like you I'm much more comfortable behind my digital camera. My only tip is to be sure to USE THIS!! Dennis was in charge of all the video taping and all we got was our "Forever Family" moments... nothing else! What I wouldn't give to have her filmed at her orphanage, city, etc.! I can't wait to watch every second with you!

    June & Lilli

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Lilah's eyes are SO beautiful...I just love the shape of them!!! Have a safe and happy trip to your little one. Leave the lights on for us! :)

  5. Hey Jill and Colin

    You don't know me but I feel I know you as I work with your Mum - Jean. I'm regularly updated about Lilah Grace (lovely name)and my heart warmed when I heard you were getting her before Christmas. Lilah Grace is such a gorgeous wee girl and she will be so lucky to have such caring and thoughtful Mummy and Daddy. Have a fantastic Christmas with your little angel.

    Love Sarah

  6. Are you sure you don't need a photographer?
    Would just LOVE to be taking the first photos of your forever family day.
    Remember to take lots and lots of photos!
    LOVE you all so much Mum xxx

    Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises:
    Second Peter ch1v4