Sunday, September 21, 2008

in our hearts

Lilah Updated Picture - 15 months


  1. That is such a sweet poem...not to mention the picture...
    I ran into an adoption blog you might be interested in reading-- it's at


  2. Greetings from home
    Co.Armagh N.Ireland.
    This little lady is growing in her Papie and Nono's hearts too. We just love this precious child so much. Thinking of you always and Remembering you in prayer.Always remember C&J "As for God his way is perfect"
    Dad & Mom xxx

  3. What a beautiful poem and lovely pic. Love it!!

  4. Jill, this is so beautiful. I've read that before, but never seen it w/ a photo. How did you do this or where did you find it? Gosh, this makes me tear up. C'mon already, give this famly their TA...I can't wait to see you w/ your Yangdong beauty!