Tuesday, July 1, 2008

canada day, eh

Happy Canada Day from the nation's capital, Ottawa. All being well this day next year our little Lilah will be a Chinese Canadian girl and she will be with us on Parliament Hill celebrating Canada's birthday! I think she would have great fun on this train, it seemed to be a great source of entertainment for the little people!

While I was trying to get a glimpse of our Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) these little girls requested that I take a picture of them! Of course I couldn't say no, they were just so sweet!

A quote I really enjoyed today, spoken by the Governor General, Michaƫlle Jean: "Our country is made up of every hope we cherish. Our country is made up of every dream we share". I have to admit, it brought a lump to my throat.

Canada Day 2008 - canada day


  1. Colin & Jill,

    Just stumbled into your blog to see your sweet Lilah Grace and immediately recognized her as a Yangdong girl! Our daughter, Katie, is a Yangdong beauty as well, now 2 1/2, we adopted her at 11 months old in Nov. '06.

    Congratulations to both of you on your beautiful, sweet daughter!

  2. Hi again,

    I was just scrolling through your older posts for pictures of Lilah when I came across the post you did of Yangdong SWI. You linked to our journey when you posted of two families' journeys to the SWI!

    We chronicled our journey to Katie at My Adoption Website entitled "Katie...At Last!"

    We just returned from China on Thursday (July 3) with our 2nd daughter of China, a Jiangxi girl this time, making our Yangdong girl a jie jie

    God bless your family and your beautiful little girl. I hope you are able to travel soon to bring her home, and will be checking your site for updates.

    Kelly (aka Truly Blessed)

  3. I was in Ottawa for Canada Day. We spent a week in the beautiful city. Also attended the FOI picnic. Channing was called up on stage for the re-affirmation ceremony ( I think it was when the PM was speaking) in Major Hill's park. Too bad we missed you!!! Do you have travel dates yet??