Thursday, May 29, 2008

it's your first birthday lilah

It's your first birthday today Lilah - you're one year old! It's hard to put words to a post like this because we miss you terribly on this special day. We love you so much and it's hard knowing we're missing your first birthday.

On Sunday 13th April when Cathy called to tell us about you, she gave us 3 facts; your name, your birthday and the province you were born in. I will never forget that day; it will live with me forever. When we found out you were born in May we couldn't help but be amazed that we all shared the same birth month!

You're our precious little girl Lilah and we'll make this day up to you in the days and months and years to come, all being well. We love you so much baby girl. We bought a cake as a reminder of your first birthday, it's not edible but you can play and have some fun with it when you're a teeny bit older!

James 1:17 - Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2008

    Have just discovered I can leave comments! Am bawling my eyes out ... i really feel for you both. As I type I'm lying here with my new baby son and words cannot describe how much I love him ... he means the world to me. I hope and pray that Lilah will soon be with you.

  2. I hopped over here after you left a sweet comment on my blog. Your daughter is really, really cute! I am so happy for you. Our family was in Ottawa last November to pick up our son, who served a mormon mission there for two years. It is a wonderful place. Lilah is just precious!

  3. Your daughter is so so beautiful, and i love the name you have chosen for her.
    I bet you can't wait to hold her in your arms.
    Lilah will be in your arms very soon
    Shawn (UK)

  4. Your little girl is one!! I know how hard it must have been for you to miss her birthday. Let's have a great big make-up party for her in September/October, I will bring her BFF and they can dance and sing and have the time of their lives! She, as well as her mom and dad, are in our hearts always! We love her already and can't wait to meet her in person, Love you guys lots, Pam, Grev and Lilah Grace's BFF

  5. Dear Jill, I cannot avoid tears while I read this. Thank you so much for sharing this blog entry with me. To see the cake I made here is the best reward I’ve had since I started to send my creations all over the world. Lilah Grace is absolutely beautiful, and all I wish to the three of you is that you get together soon. It is obvious that you are already a family, and I am sure you will feel like you’ve know her forever the day you hold her in your arms.


  6. I absolutely love this cake!! It is gorgeous. Lilah will love it!!