Sunday, April 20, 2008

our daughter's birth province

Curious to know more about the Province in which our daughter lives, I've been researching the Guangdong Province. What an amazing place! I found some great information here.

Guangdong is located in South China, with an area of 178,000 square kilometers, and a population of 65 million. It adjoins the Wuling Mountains to the north and the South China Sea to the south, with a landscape sloping from north to south. It's mountainous in the north, and in the south there are coastal plains, hills and tablelands. The deltas of the Pearl River and Han River are its chief plains. The West River, North River and East River known as "The Peal River System" as well as Han River are Guangdong's main waterways. Its coastline is long and zigzagged with numerous offshore islands. With the Tropic of Cancer running across its central land, Guangdong is, in the main, subject to south sub-tropical humid climate.

Guangdong boasts abundant natural and historical sites and sceneries, including Yuexiu Hill in Guangzhou, botanical garden of South China, Xiqiao Mountain, Conghua Hot Springs, the Window of the World, the Yuexiu Park, the Seven Star Crags, and Dinghu Mountain. Guangzhou and Chaozhou are the renowned historical and cultural cities and Foshan is one of the Four Great Towns nationwide.

Guangdong cuisine, one of the Eight Great Cuisines, emphasizes seafood, and unique, mixed flavorings. It is divided into three branches: Guangdong food is traditional Guangdong cuisine; Chaozhou food is similar to Fujian cuisine because Chaozhou neighbors Fujian Province; and Dongjiang food, which is represented by Huizhou food, emphasizes domestic animals and poultry. The dietetic culture of Guangdong has retained many eating habits and customs of the ancient people, such as eating snakes. In short, to the people of Guangdong, everything that walks, crawls, flies, or swims is edible.

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