Saturday, April 21, 2012

the things she says

reading stories

"Baba, are you interested to play tennis? Baba, watch!! Pay attention!!"

Excitedly pulling on her shorts after school one day: "Mama, we're back into the Spring life again!"

Driving down the street one day:
lilah: “Did you ever see a car without a window in the door?
me: “No!”
lilah: “Well I just did so there must be one car in the country like that!”

At the coffee shop one day:
lilah: “Mama, don’t you like Earl Gray tea?”
me: “I love Earl Grey tea. Don’t you like fluffies?” (fluffies are steamed milk)
lilah: “I’m not real big into it actually!”

"Will you buy me these two books from the book club? They could be a surprise for my birthday!"

lilah: “Baba’s rental property is so dusty, isn’t it?”
me: “It is.”
lilah: “Doesn’t it drive you crazy? It drives me insane!”

lilah: “Are you writing down what I say?”
me: “Yes, I’m writing the funny things you say.”
lilah: “Well you should write some serious words!”

Praying one night: “Thanks for a beautiful day God, we don’t like cold weather much, but that's the way it works - that’s the pattern - Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.”

“I love you two the same height and I love your parents the same height too!”

reading stories


  1. precious lady, that one!!

  2. You gotta love this girl and the things she says! She is one smart cookie....

  3. She thought as a great person! A very bright little princess!

  4. Oh that girl and the things she says! I love how her little mind works, but I'm pretty sure I've said that before =)

  5. These are always my favourite posts! She is such a smartie!