Thursday, April 26, 2012

mother's day shopping

There are some things I really like, like purses and prints and cards... not jewellery much, but I am very much in love with this necklace, there is something old and beautiful about it. And that print, oh so lovely. And chevron, well you only need to see my last post to know I love chevron!

I guess I need to have a chat with Lilah, who in turn needs to have a chat with Baba! She can basically talk him into anything, so I think my chances are looking pretty good! Although to be honest, I'm not sure if he knows much about Etsy! Heh!

mother's day ideas!

print - near & dear ~ purse - crafts by nesli
cards - perenthetical press ~ necklace - crafted by kerstin

mother's day ideas!

I know, if I want my husband to buy me anything in the grid above, I really wouldn't feature this print...
But I know, like me, you'll probably see the humour in it! You can find it here.


  1. Hopefully your hubby looks at your blog and will get you what you want! Lilah is pretty outspoken... I am sure she will tell him!

  2. cute!! thanks for featuring my necklace ;)

  3. I love the last print, it made me laugh out loud. Interestingly enough, when I showed my husband he just shrugged and rolled his eyes! Hoping you have better luck! ;)