Friday, August 5, 2011

ten more recent questions...

"An unusual child is one who asks questions the parents can answer."

Why does the water go down the drain?
Does God know that wee girls love their mommies?
Why do we get a bit shorter when we sit down?
How is God going to pull us up to heaven?
How do snotters get in your nose? (snotters is the Northern Irish word for boogers, in case you're wondering!)
How long do people live for?
Where does that dishwasher tablet go when the dishwasher is all done?
Why do I like pink? Was I a born baby that liked pink?
Do all the people in China have tanned skin?
How did the Lord Jesus stay up on the cross?


  1. I love your wee one and her wonderful, amazing questions. I do believe one day Eliza Grace and I are going to have to make our way to your part of Canada just to meet you all, and to visit some of the wonderful places you blog about.

    You can also give us a shout if you are even in the Washington, D.C. area... we live in northern Virginia!

    Blog hugs to you!

  2. So smart!! She's a cutie!

  3. So many questions! She is one smart girl, with one big personality.

  4. Lilah has such a fascinating mind! I just marvel at her questions.

  5. She is amazing! And so, so adorable. Good for you for documenting all of her questions and sayings. Kerry has only just recently started with the nonstop questions and "why"s and "how"s. Fun, isn't it? Especially when you're not sure how to answer, ha ha.

    Gin =)

  6. Oh how SWEET IS SHE?!! Great post and your photos look so good. -Blessings-Joy

  7. I like was she a "born baby"!! Such a funny way to ay it - and adorable too!!

  8. Lilah is so smart! I love love love when you share her little mind with us!

    xo ellie