Monday, August 8, 2011

the playroom

Well the playroom has been in action for almost a year now, but we hadn't gotten the trim finished and painted, or put the final touches on it until last week. And I use the term "final touches" very lightly, since I have a few more things ordered for it! I've ordered a bunting for across the window and also some Chinese wall cards which should arrive next week. Also, you can't see this in the pictures, but behind the curtain is a little closet with a clothes rail for hanging the dress-up clothes and also shelves for games, puzzles, etc.

Lilah enjoys her playroom, although I have to admit, she is much more of an outdoor girl! There is no doubt that it comes in more useful during the chilly winter months!

house - playroom (first floor) house - playroom (first floor) house - playroom (first floor)


  1. Thanks for "stopping by" today! LOVE all your pic's of your BEAUTIFUL little Lilah Grace:)

    Amazing how you captured these gorgeous photographs!!

    Looks like you have been taking pic's for quite some time.....I just started using my DSLR about a year ago....

    I will stop by again soon!


  2. Her playroom looks great! Kerry's play space does not stay nearly that organized, ha ha.

    Gin =)

  3. *I* want to come over & play!! Adorable play room!!

  4. Too bad you didn't live closer, Sylvie and Mary would love to come over for a play date!

  5. Okay, that playroom looks like it would be just as enjoyable for adults to hang out in as kids! The decorating / artwork is fantastic! Beautifully organized and styled.

  6. Looks like a great space. I love her little outfit... I think nurses should still dress like that!

    I just painted my bedroom that color and love it!